Our Special Guest ~ Liz O'Hara

Liz O'Hara is a certified Energy Healing practitioner who has helped hundreds of people heal from physical and emotional pain, and she's passionate about helping people expand throughout their Awakening. In fact, Liz has come to be known as a healer's healer. As an artist turned energy healer, turned energy healing artist, Liz helps healers who are passionate about helping others, but who still struggle in an area of their own life to feel supported through their transformation, so they can see change happen faster. And Liz has discovered the power of her Fine Art Frequency Healing Portals as a way to help her clients receive exactly what they need to raise their vibration, and feel more expansive on a consistent basis.. Whether you're longing to get closer to YOUR version of Heaven on Earth even faster, or you want to step fully into your power as a Healer who helps others transform, Liz offers channeled support and would be honored to be a part of your journey.